Board of Trustees Meeting


On 27th October, 2022 the Annual Board of Trustees meeting was organised at the Head office, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture.  All the board members attended the meeting, discussed and reviewed the ongoing work and plans for next year.

The request of Dr. MS Chari, the Managing Trustee of CSA, to relieve him from the board due to age and health reasons was accepted by the Board and Sri. Devinder Sharma is proposed as the new Managing Trustee.

On this occasion we wish to share the last eighteen years of Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and over 35 years of work on Non-pesticidal management which was initiated by Dr. MS Chari and Mr. Quayyom, the duo along with Sri MVS Sastry Garu of Centre for World Solidarity, Late Dr. NK Sang of MANAGE.
The very first discussion around pesticides, agriculture and livelihoods was done in 1988 and systematically alternatives were tried out by the sustainable agriculture desk of Centre for World Solidarity. These approaches got a boost up with Dr. Chari bringing in his scientific approach to the whole process.
Dr. MS Chari worked as Director, Central Tobacco Research Institute, Rajahmundry, Director Research at Gujarath Agriculture University.
It’s a long journey and you made this happen Dr. Chari and from all of us at CSA we are really really thankful for the platform you have built and the pathway shown.
We wish you a very long and healthy life and look forward for getting more guidance.



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