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to support sustainable transitions to organic/natural farming and building viable community enterprises. If you are an NGO working on sustainable agriculture, promoter of FPOs, or a startup working in agricultural space, we can partner to provide any of the following services.


FPOhub is an initiative to build an enabling ecosystem to facilitate emergence of robust FPOs which in turn build livelihood and entrepreneurial opportunities for rural communities and help in transition to economically viable and ecologically sustainable agriculture.  Each hub can can support 10 to 15 FPOs and can become viable in 2-3 years.

  • Mentoring Support: Handholding support to develop strategies to become a viable business entity
  • Business Development: Livelihoods, Business Development Services, Forward and Backward Linkages
  • Market Linkages: Market Linkages, Storage, eNAM, ecommerce portals, MRT, Logistics etc
  • Financial Services: Access to credit, insurance, schemes entitlements and other financial services
  • Infrastructure: Planning and establishing infrastructure facilities for FPOs
  • Input Services: Seed, bio inputs, Custom Hiring Centres, irrigation equipment, Farm tools etc
  • Digital Services: Information, Market Place, Traceability, ERP System for FPO Management
  • Legal Compliances: Registration, GST, Auditing, Certifications, Licenses, Policies, Governance etc

for more details visit:

Farmer Service Centres

Farmer Service Centres are one stop shop for farmers to provide all services.  The service centre can be run by an FPO or an entrepreneur or an NGO. All backend support is provided by CSA and partner organisations.

  • Extension Services: Supporting farmers into sustainable production needs better extension services which are focused on knowledge building and mentoring support.
    • Trainings on sustainable production: Organic/Natural farming, Backyard Poultry, sheep and goatry, bee keeping
    • Surveillance and farm advisories: Weather, pest and diseases
    • Problem Diagnostics: soil and water testing, pesticide residue analysis
  • Financial Services: facilitating access to finance, building financial literacy, managing data on individual credit behaviour etc will help farming to become viable
    • Loans for farming and livelihoods: institutional loans, short term loans from NBFCs, interest free loans for distressed
    • Insurance: crop and livestock insurances
  • Input supplies: better quality assurance, discounted prices, linked to local producers/manufacturers
    • Seeds and saplings:traditional and improved varieties of seeds adapted to organic growing conditions, green manure seeds, fodder seeds, Vegetable saplings, fruit trees etc
    • Bioinputs: biofertilisers, biopesticides, compost, manure etc
    • Implements, tools and others:
  • Custom Hiring Centres: pooling and sharing resources for better management and use
    • Farm Implements
    • Skilled labor
  • Market Linkages
    • Quality management for ICS/PGS
    • Connecting to buyers
    • Aggregation, grading and storage
  • Access to entitlements
    • Schemes and others: subsidies, schemes etc
    • other services from governments: pensions, direct income support, compensations etc

PGS Organic Certification

CSA is leading PGS regional council accredited by National Centre for Organic and Natural Farming providing PGS Organic Certification Services since 2016.  We provide PGS Organic Certification for the following in production

  • Group of Farmers: 15-20 farmers adopting organic/natural farming practices can be certified for organic crop/orchard, livestock, production and beekeeping.
  • Large Area Certification: We also provide Large Area Certification (LAC) when entire village transitions to Organic/Natural Farming and Gram Sabha and Panchayat passes resolution to this effect.
  • Individual Farmer Registration: Click here
  • PGS Peer Inspection Format: Click here
  • Format for PGS Data Collection: Click here


We support establishment of rural bio enterprises which can produce the seeds, biofertilisers, bio pesticides, composts and manures and soil and water testing labs and link them to other FPOs and farmers.

  • Seeds: traditional varieties and improved varieties parental lines supplied
  • Biofertilisers: Innoculums of eight biofertilisers, IMOs and EMOs supplied
  • Biopesticides: Trichoderma innoculum
  • Composts and Manures: Winrow composting, enhanced manures etc
  • Soil and Water testing labs: Soil Nutrients, physical properties, microbial profiling and organic transition plans.

We can make end to end support services for Organic Transition, Building Farmer Producer Organisations and Linking to Markets for Organisations and Programs


  1. shaik Azeez says:

    I am a resident of the UK but Orginal from Andhra Pradesh, I am planning to run a start-up in this regard I am actually exploring what options are available with you or under your mentorship program which i can take advantage of in the Uk. I am even fine to be buyer.

    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      dear Azeez
      thanks for reaching out. Would be happy to discuss about this. please connect with for further help on this

  2. Rathod gokul says:

    Rathod gokul

  3. Siddarth says:


    I’m Looking for training/mentoring to my dad on organic farming. Could you please help me on whom to reach.

    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      dear Siddarth
      leave your phone no and details of farm location so that we can connect when we are organising a program. you can ping details on WhatsApp 8500283300 or call on 8500683300

  4. Saranya says:


    We are into traditional farming, we want create a organic farm in Andhra Pradesh Prakasam and actively looking for inputs and crop recommendations. Please let me know how to get in touch with you.

    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      hai saranya we would be doing a training program in august and will update

  5. sangam oraon says:

    Great Job . CSA organisation is providing great services and programs for farmers by mentoring , financing service & business support etc. It is also empowering women of rural India

  6. Gurpreet Singh says:

    I am connecting to seek contacts for work in Nizamabad district. We are a food beverage company who wants to reduce scope 3 emissions from paddy. Pleas share a contact for support.


    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      dear gurpreet
      we can connect and work on it my email is

  7. Soham Belokar says:

    Hi, I M soham Belokar from Buldhana, Working as Project Specialist Agri Business at PoCRA in Buldhana , Intrested in Natural /organic Farming.Basically my job profile is guide agro based business for FPC & SHC , & help them till subsidy released. for both marketing is the tough task. For SHG small projects like vermicompost , dashparni are feasible & marketing is easy as nearby farmers are the customers. I need more information about the techniques about organic pesticide, fungicide & plant/crop nutrition techniques

    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      dear soham belokar
      you can join the courses on organic/natural farming we regularly organise.

  8. Anuj Sharma says:

    Dear Sir

    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my interest in any relevant Agriculture and Agroforestry job openings within your organization. Please find attached my updated resume for your reference.

    I have 6 years of experience in Agriculture Project Management, Agriculture development and Agriculture Operations under agricultural-based projects, including agroforestry, agricultural research, and agricultural operation management. Currently, I am handling a multipurpose agriculture livelihood-based project that includes promoting organic farming, integrated nutrient management, agroforestry systems, farmers producer organization projects, and demonstration farms for cereals, horticulture crops, and agroforestry systems.

    My experience has given me extensive knowledge and skills in various aspects of agriculture, Organic Farming, INM Practices, Good agriculture Practices Farm Management, Horticulture and Social Forestry, Agroforestry System, FPOs, Natural Based Solution and Carbon Offset such as crop production, supply chain management, and rural development. I have also played an active role in disseminating various government schemes related to farmers’ welfare.

    I would be thrilled to contribute my expertise and experience to your organization. Please let me know if there are any relevant Agriculture and Agroforestry opportunities that match my qualifications. I am open to discussing further details about my experience and how I can be an asset to your team.

    Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Anuj sharma
    Phone – 7380429780, 7068598105
    Current location – Gurugram

    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      Dear Anju sharma
      thanks for reaching out. most of our work in based on AP and Telangana which may require local language expertise. we are looking for starting some initiatives in north india and will get back to you

  9. Sieti Banu Immanuel says:

    Dear CSA,

    We are working with remote PVTGs. Most of them are growing indigenous varieties, millets and that too organic by default. Can CSA help PGS or organic certification and help get forward linkages and value additions too.

    Thank you.

    1. Prasanna Kumar says:

      Hi, you can contact Ms. Chandrakala on +919000005840 on PGS organic certification.

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