About Us

Vision: CSA envisions to become national institution to lead the transition of Indian agriculture to become ecologically and economically sustainable

Mission: Caring for those who feed the nation by

  • Conducting research on agroecological farming methods and their impact
  • Assisting farmers and consumers in successfully transitioning to organic
  • Building vibrant rural enterprises and producer organisations
  • Enhance the last mile delivery of support services, and
  • Improve the governance of public policy systems

Road map

CSA plans to reach out to 100 thousand farmers directly and 500 thousand  farmers indirectly in the next five years (2020-2025), by working with them to establish sustainable models in agriculture and rural livelihoods, organise them into community owned institutions and fair marketing models in three states of India.

CSA works with 100 FPOs directly and support another 200 FPOs across the country by next five years

By doing so, we believe that agriculture productivity can be increased by 10 % and farmers incomes by 15 % which approximately translates to Rs. 15000 per family.

Additional livelihoods will provide at least 30% of additional income by engaging in additional livelihood activities for 100 days in a year.

CSA partners with all like minded organisations and networks for a policy change to enable promotion of sustainable models of food production and sustaining livelihoods engaged in the process

Where we stand now

No of Farmers: 50%
No of FPOs: 65%
Income increase: 75%

Our Journey

Our Board of Management

Our Team


  1. CA Vamsi Krishna Kanth says:

    I’m interested in organic farming, but I don’t have proper plan as to how to earn profits without pesticides.I’m a chartered accountant by profession. I reached here after watching your videos in You tube. Please guide me to start organic farming, which motivates my whole village to start organic farming

  2. Sucharita says:

    Did you receive any help for starting the farming? We are also looking for some one who can support on how to start with sustainable and agrofarming.

    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      yes dear Sucharita. you can join any of the courses we offer at the krishna sudha academy for agroecology

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