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Job Description: –

Handhold the FPC/FPO accountants/CEOs, whoever working at filed level to maintain the
accounts in ERP/manual.
• Ensure to maintain all the necessary books of account as per company act or cooperative act
or Indian accounting standard.
• Support CEO of FPC/FPO on claim submission to donor agency.
• Ensure accurately record and report financial transactions in ERP/Manual for FPOs while
meeting legal and financial requirements.
• Coordinate with CEO & Accountant for timely comply the legal compliance like GST, IT,PT and
• Evaluate and strengthen internal control systems within FPOs to protect assets and enhance
financial management processes.
• Assist FPOs/FPC on the preparation of business plan and linkage with Financial institutions.
• Ensure FPOs comply with relevant legal, regulatory, and financial requirements. Monitor
financial processes for accurate reporting.
• Assist in conducting financial audits of FPOs to assess internal controls and financial statements. Contribute to audit documentation and reports. Communicate effectively with FPO management, board members, and stakeholders regarding
financial matters. Collaborate on implementing necessary changes based on audit findings.
• Willing to travel for FPC/FPO field visits around 10-15 days in month.
• Provide training and support to FPO staff in financial management, record-keeping, and
reporting processes.
• Evaluate and enhance internal control systems to safeguard assets, prevent fraud, and
improve overall financial management within FPOs.
• Oversee the organization’s Management Information System (MIS) accounts, including data
entry, reconciliation, and generation of financial reports. Ensure the accuracy and integrity of
financial data.
• Stay updated with changes in financial regulations and best practices in the agricultural
• Coordinate with CSA HO (Accounts department) and submit the progress report of FPOs on
monthly basis.

Eligibility: –

  • Degree in finance/accounting, prior experience in financial management, preferably in agriculture/cooperatives.
  • Familiarity with company acts, Indian accounting standards, and tax compliance.
  • Analytical, communication, and training abilities. Proficiency in ERP/MIS systems.
  • Willingness to travel for field visits (10-15 days/month), ability to adapt to evolving financial regulations and practices.
  • Maintain accurate accounts, support financial compliance, conduct audits, train FPO staff, and ensure accurate reporting.

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