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Training program on 'Seed Production and Marketing' 2-6th December, 2013

Seed is the soul of Agriculture. After introduction of Green revolution, seed became Commercial Proprietary Resource’. Now, farmers depend on seeds on two sources, i.e., informal and formal seed sector. The latter one consists seed production;seed processing and marketing where as informal seed sector constitutes individuals, custodian farmers,
NGOs conserving, propagating and exchanging seeds.

The two systems are inevitable to cater the seed requirements, but as we witnessed most of the seed companies interested in seed business rather than cater to the farmers’ needs. In this context, it is imperative to develop a system which is a blend of both seed system which conserve agro-diversity,ensure timely availability of good quality seed in required
quantities at affordable price. In this context, CSA and Naisargik Sheti Beej Producer Company Ltd., jointly organizing a Training Programme on Seed Production & Marketing theory and practices.

The course broadly covers:

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